Generation Kill

Evan Wright, a journalist spent two months embedded with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion Marines during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Originally, his account was a three part series in Rolling Stone magazine. In 2004, he published Generation Kill, a full length novel.

Generation Kill gives a view of the war from the perspectives of those fighting it. It isn’t bogged down by a bunch of Capitol Hill excuses and it certainly isn’t sugar-coated. Wright himself gets to experience a whole lot during his time with the marines, from supply shortages and how they affect the men to getting shot at when sitting in the back seat of a humvee in a combat zone.

What I liked most about reading this is seeing how all of these men, with such different backgrounds and personalities come together and fight. I liked the honesty that is shown. There are incompetent and crazy officers, a translator who no one can be quite sure about, and the many different people that stand up to do the jobs that other people couldn’t believe. I was also able to form a whole new view of everything that is happening in Iraq during the war based on the views of those on the frontline.

I absolutely loved this book. There were times that I stared at the pages in disbelief, especially at the lack of proficiency expressed by some of the officers as well as the reserve units that met up with them. The rest of the time I was usually laughing. Though some of the humor was incredibly raunchy, I couldn’t help but laugh. Some of the views expressed and the different ways everyone acts were too much.

By far one of my favorite reads!

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