Happy 4th!

First thing that needs to be said…


As I am on my break at work, I figured a quick post wouldn’t hurt. First, I finished the Born In trilogy I talked about on Friday. I have to say that I really enjoyed the books and hopefully I’ll have a review posted up here in the next day or so. Second, I was talking books with a couple of my book loving co-workers (big surprise there). I have to admit, one of my co-workers has officially talked the Stieg Larsson books onto my list. The other coworker talked the vampire academy books onto my TBR list. So much so, that I’m picking the books up after work, and knowing myself I’m going to go home and start them. Persuasive, my fellow readers are.

With that, not much else is going on. I’m going to go enjoy some super farm fresh produce for the rest of my break.

Happy reading and enjoy the holiday!

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