Musing Mondays – Currently Reading

What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it to others? Is it part of a series (if so, which one)? What are you thinking about it? What book(s) would you compare it to, if any?

I’ve been doing a lot of jumping around as far a my current reading is concerned. I can certainly assure anyone who is curious that I have been deviating from the list on my current reading page.

I just finished Shadow Kiss the third book in the Vampire Academy series. I literally JUST found out about this series – like yesterday. By the time I had had this series in my possession for all of 28 hours I had finished the first three books. That’s how quick I’m busting through these. At the rate I’m going I’ll be all caught up with the fourth and fifth books by the end of tomorrow.

Would I recommend them? Yes. I have to say I would. When I originally heard about these books a while back I just sort of brushed them off, but once I actually heard something about them from someone who had read them, I could not not give them a chance. I must say – even though the pace at which I am reading them shows it clearly – that I am really enjoying these books. Not only are they exactly the type of book my mind needs right now, but the story got a damn good hold on me from the get-go. And Dimitri, well, need I say more?

I can’t really compare these books to anything else. They definitely are not like the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The Twilight Saga? Forget it. Sure, there are teenagers, high schools, and good looking men. Yet beyond that, there is truly no comparison. The Midnight Breed series and Black Dagger Brotherhood novels are not like this either, the only similarity between the two is really the warrior-ness (for lack of a better word). Aside from that, those two series are far more adult than Richelle Mead’s novels. (Can you tell I have made my way through a crap load of vampire series?)

Look out for reviews of these one’s though. Definitely on the yay side!

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