Reading World Friday – #5

Go me! I missed Reading World Friday. I may have to get up for work in 5 hours, but hey, a little late night (or early morning considering it being 1am on Saturday) blogging never hurt anyone, did it?

So, whats been happening? Again I have failed at attempts to get myself writing reviews. Considering its the quarter just ended I had a bunch of stuff going on at work. That in addition to reading the Vampire Academy series in a whooping two and a half days, thats right, only five books though. Only. Either way, between work, reading, and combating mother nature (heat wave), I have not been focusing myself.

So once again, what’s coming?

Reviews for the five Vampire Academy books, reviews for the Born In trilogy (the second in the trilogy is added to my favorites list, for sure), and I’m sure some other reviews as I get my stuff together. Hopefully. I’ve also been getting the books together for the challeges I’ve been working on. I’ve joined another challenge as well, The Four Month Challenge (info under the reading challenges page), which I am excited about. I’m hoping to start reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles this weekend.  A friend from work had suggested the Steig Larsson novels, I’m just waiting for her to get her copies back from her sister, and then I’ll read those. Another friend from work also has me knee deep in series (same one who suggested Vampire Academy), so I’ll be starting the House of Night series and the Darkest Powers series as well.

Aside from that, I will attest to failing miserably at not buying books. You see, I’m blaming it on my co-worker and Barnes and Noble (they are having this clearance sale online, how can I resist?), and only partly on my poor self control when it comes to acquiring new books.

With that, I’m going to either go read or sleep. We shall see which one comes first.

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