Booking Through Thursdays – Podcasts

Do you ever listen to book-related podcasts?

If so, which ones and why? (Include the URLs for people who aren’t familiar with them.)

Or, of course, there’s the flip side … did you even know that such a thing existed? (I ask because I know a lot of people who have no idea what a podcast is.)

I actually  don’t know of many book related podcasts, however there is one that I listen to. Books on the Nightstand does a weekly podcast that I started listening to a few weeks back. They also have a website where they talk about all things book related and they also post entries on the blog so that is you missed anything when listening to the podcast or want to find out what the name of that books you heard about was, you can go right to their website to find it. I’ve gotten some really good books out of the Books on the Nightstand podcast.

As far as others go, like I said I don’t really know many book-related podcasts, but I look forward to finding some new good ones with this weeks post!

One thought on “Booking Through Thursdays – Podcasts

  1. Ash July 22, 2010 / 9:12 pm

    I love Books on the Nightsand! Like you said I’ve gotten a ton of great books from it.

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