I remember seeing a review for Shiloh Walker’s Fragile at one of the book blogs I follow and instantly it had my interest. Needless to say, I went out and bought a copy of my own.

Dr. Luke Rafferty is an Army Ranger turned doctor. Raised on the family farm by his father, he finds out one day at eleven years old that he has a twin brother Quinn. Its rough going for the two at first, but in the end the two developing a bond and end up joining the rangers together. After suffering a severe injury to the leg, Luke decided it was time for him to move on. So he left the Army and went to medical school.

Devon Manning has had a rough life. Abuse, addiction, abandonment all before she even went to high school. She was given a second chance to make something of her life. She had a great caseworker and was adopted by a great family. Now she works as a social worker to help troubled kids the way she was helped. She’s been to hell and back, but this time it goes far beyond anything she’s experienced.

Devon and Luke know each other from the emergency room. She gets called in for a case and he’s the doctor doing the examination, so even though they both are attracted to each other, they never act on it.

All that changes one night. Luke and Devon bump into each other at a restaurant, and though things didn’t go quite as planned, they still blossomed together. Even though Devon wasn’t looking for a relationship the two were able to bust through defences that had been in place a long time and get close to each other. But things are not all they seem when Devon realizes that someone is out to get her.

My thoughts?

Like I said before, when I read the review of this book my interest was peaked. I couldn’t help myself. I went to buy a copy of it right away but none of the local bookstores had it in stock so I had to wait four excruciating days to get my copy. It was well worth the wait.

I couldn’t put the book down I loved it. I loved the relationship between Luke and Devon. And the title, can I just say, is very fitting for the book. There was lots of romance, but lots of suspense as well. I really thought I had it all figured out. Then I found out I was wrong.

I’ll say there was one pretty gruesome seen. And because a big part of the book involves Devon’s past and her job as a social worker, there are parts of the book with children beaten down and abused. Be ready for that if you choose to read it.

Shiloh Walker’s writing sucked me in. The story really came together. When I found out that some of my assumptions were incorrect I was so excited. I love it when I’m wrong, it makes the reading more enjoyable than when you figure out how everything unfolds before you get to the end.

Aside from the warnings though, phenomenal. I loved it. If I was a big rater I would give this a 5/5.

I can’t wait to read Broken and then The Missing!

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