The Vampire Academy Series

When I read the Vampire Academy books, I fell in love with them basically within the first few chapters of the first book. Originally I had intended to review each book separately, but time got away from me and it never happened. And now, here I am about a month later (I think).

 Whats it about?

The series is about Lissa (a Moroi) and Rose (a Dhampir) and their numerous adventures after their return to St. Vladimir’s Academy. A world with Moroi – the good vampires, Dhampirs – the half-moroi/half-human guardians who protect the Moroi, and Strigoi – the evil vampires, is introduced.

Throughout the series there is plenty of boy drama, brooding, etc. BUT there is lots of ass-kicking. Which rules. Also, run ins with the queen and other royal vampires. Rose finally meets her father after 17 years. Hearts are broken, nightmares come true. Love and loss. Hope and second chances. This series has anything you could want, expect, or ask for. Really. 

 My thoughts?

At the beginning I mentioned how I was hooked within the first book. I did mean that literally, I read all five books in less than four days. I could not put them down. I didn’t even really sleep much because I just needed to get through the series to see what happened. This is all thanks to one of my co-workers who ranted and raved about the fantastic-ness of the series.

I remember the first time I noticed Vampire Academy on the shelves. I looked at it, saw the title, flipped to the description and saw St. Vladimir’s Academy, and went, “Are you [insert expletive of your choice here] kidding me.” I didn’t think we really needed another series all about vampires, now look at me, I’ve read so many it’s ridiculous that I’m able to keep them all straight. (I should qualify and say that my vampire background is built on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Unless you’re counting Anne Rice or Bram Stoker, doesn’t get much more vampire home-grown than that.)

Each book really caught my interest, it didn’t take much. First off, Dimitri, I mean whats not to love? And Rose, Strigoi ass-kicker, I love strong female characters like her. But more than any character was the events. I thought to myself “And the plot thickens,” in that seedy television voice we’ve all heard (I assume). When I finished one book I ran right to get the next one in the series. I get really bad when I get into a book, I think about it constantly, when I’m eating, driving, working, etc.

After I finished the fifth book though, there was nothing left for me to read. The sixth and last book of the series Last Sacrifice doesn’t come out until December 7, 2010. So when I finished the fifth book, and I was still in shock because I SO did not see that ending coming, I had this large pit in my stomach because I needed to know what was going to happen next. Usually when a book leaves that kind of feeling, it means its a good book. Granted this is considered a young adult series, and granted there were times when I was annoyed with people (Dimitri’s whininess in book five, boy drama, and stupid gossip girl wanna be moments), it was still a fantastic read. All of the good far outweighs the bad. I pre-ordered my copy of Last Sacrifice a day after finishing the series. I’m in hardcore anticipation mode.

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