In Shiloh Walker’s Broken we are reunited with Quinn Rafferty, Luke’s twin brother. He’s been out of the army a while now, everything is good and solid with his brother and new sister-in-law Devon, so now he’s out there trying to take care of himself. He’s been working as a bounty hunter and living in the basement apartment of a generous older woman. He knows he needs to fix himself, but when a new girl moves into the second floor apartment, he wonders if he’ll be able to stay away from her too take care of himself.

We also meet Sarah McElyea, who has been running for years. Her story happens to be a bit different though than that of other women looking to disappear. When she meets Quinn passion flares on both sides. They end up giving their selves into each other, but when Quinn is handed a missing persons case and see’s a picture of his bed mate -on her wedding day – he realizes something isn’t right. Sarah finds the strength within herself to do what she’s been looking forward to for sometime. It’s the chance for her to get her life back, and also give her sister her life back as well.

My Thoughts:

I wish I could have said everything that happened with this book, but I would have spoiled it for anyone who saw it and intended to read it, so I held myself back. When I finished the book, my first reaction was that it was better than the first one. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Fragile, but in the end I love Broken more. I’m pretty sure its because of the whole tortured hero thing Quinn’s got going on whether Shiloh Walker intended it or not.

I read the book in a matter of hours (over the period of two nights). I couldn’t put the book down, I went so far as to whine about how I just wanted to get home from work that second day so I could read my book. I certainly had my suspicions about what Sarah was running from, but I didn’t figure it out until Quinn did in the book. This time around I didn’t even try to be sure, because I knew that unless I cheated and went to the end of the book before I finished I would probably get it all wrong.

I took a couple days to mull over the events of the book in my head, but even with that time I haven’t thought of anything that really bothered me. There’s one event that I am on the fence about, Sarah’s sisters husband killing himself, taking the easy way out, but it doesn’t take away from the story. It just bugged me on a personal level, not an event that takes away from the book level.

All in all, another GREAT book from Shiloh Walker. I still have The Missing waiting on my shelf to be read, but I can’t wait to get more of her books to read.

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