Home Libraries

So today while browsing through some different blogs that I like to read I got thinking. What got me thinking was actually the Monday Musing for today about saving books. I have a list of every book and dvd I own on my computer, but what happens when I can’t save all my books or my computer in a fire? Then I realized that there are those funky google doc things where you can save all this info online and access it anywhere. So I thought to myself, “DUH!” So I’m going to start making one of those.

Which leads me to…

Home libraries. I have a mini-library. I’m just short of 500 books not counting textbooks. I started thinking about my home library a little more after reading some recent posts from over at A Striped Armchair and Boston Bibliophile.

First, I have to say that my home library is really just my bedroom library. I live with my mom still so I try to keep all of my stuff contained. Someday when I have my own home I very much intend to have an actual library. Fireplace, cozy chair, floor to ceiling shelves of books organized my way. It’s a dream I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Some of what was discussed is what gets added to the library. Personally, if something looks good I’ll buy it. If it was strongly suggested I’ll buy it. I hate getting rid of books, I just can’t do it. Anything that looks promising take a seat on my shelves. It’s a simple process really. But now I’m thinking about what do I want more of. I definitely want to expand my memoir collection. I’ve read a few lately and have been getting a lot out of them. I’m constantly expanding my sociology/criminology/psychology/etc section as well. So much to consider now.

For now though I think I’m going to try to re-catalog all of my books. I also want to re-organize my shelves. I want to get the clutter of candles, New England Patriots garb, and other knick-nacks cleared up. (Notice bad cell phone pictures scattered around here so you can get an idea of the current frightening state of my shelves.) My OCD is actually crying over lack of book organization, but I’ve decided its time to go for it. Why didn’t I think of this at the beginning of summer as opposed to the end of summer?

My library expands on a regular basis. I can’t go a week without buying a book. I’ve learned that the hard way. Now its time to make them all pretty again. I’ve recently moved all of my textbooks from my bedroom to my office which gives me a whole new shelf to work with, yay! I have lots of piles of books though and one I figure out my new organization scheme it will be filled I’m sure. I also opened up another shelf by moving the shelf full of favorite movies and dvd box sets onto two smaller shelves in my room. But from here on out its a voyage.

Bad cell phone pictures aside, do you have any thoughts about home libraries? What they should contain, how to organize and keep track of them?

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