Montana Destiny

In the second of the three McCord cousins books by R.C. Ryan, Wyatt McCord has gotten back into the swing of ranch life. He’s got his family, a job, and a treasure hunt. What more could he need?

Marilee Trainor is the ambulance driver from out of town, and she caught Wyatt’s eyes right as he came back to town. But she really isn’t looking to be tied down. She fought long and hard for her independence and she isn’t going to give it up easily 

People have been killed before over the McCord gold, and when Marilee accidentally stumbles across one of the clues to the treasure no exception is made for her. Someone’s got it out for her, and when they find out she and Wyatt are working together, they begin to gun it for him too.

My Thoughts:

Marilee and Wyatt had a really interesting relationship and I think that is what I liked most about the book. While the search for gold and the family dynamic are all pluses of both the first and second book, seeing how the two dealt with each other was quite fun.

Marilee is very independent, almost to a fault at times. She makes a comment in the book about how her mother depended so much on her father that she couldn’t even choose a dress to wear without his approval and hell if she’d ever turn out the same way.

Wyatt is also quite interesting, but in a get yourself thrown off a bull for the attention of a woman way. He traveled the world, but didn’t find what he was looking for until he met Marilee. Wyatt lost both of his parents to a plane crash which left him with a small fear of flying – or at least takeoffs – which works because, of course, Marilee is a pilot on the side. The two push and pull constantly so it makes for an interesting dynamic between the two.

Delia and Ledge Cowling and Deputy Atkins also made for an interesting story. While I didn’t expect things to work out the way they did with the two men, I was pleasantly surprised with how things worked out for Delia and her attempts to work at a better life for herself after everything she had to deal with.

One thing I picked up on while reading Montana Legacy and Montana Destiny was that the McCord men are very stubborn when it comes to their women. I can’t wait to see what happens when Zane finds himself a lady in the third book.

My one complaint about Montana Destiny, it seemed a bit chaotic towards the end. The author seemed to do a lot of jumping between paragraphs and I found myself going, “Oh, we’re from Wyatt’s perspective now” or “Oh, it’s the next day.” However, it did not take away from my overall enjoyment of the book. It just took some getting used to.

The bottom line is this, once you get over the initial jumpy, jumpy, which, again, I only noticed towards the end, Montana Destiny is quite enjoyable and can join its predecessor on my cozy reads list.

There is one book left, Montana Glory, which doesn’t come out until November, go figure. So now I’m stuck waiting and waiting and wondering, and I have all of these questions. I constantly wonder why I keep picking up series that aren’t finished yet when all I do is wait, in a very impatient manner and drive my mother and my friend’s insane about it.

Will they find the treasure? Does the treasure not exist? Which is followed by, even if the treasure doesn’t exist they’ll be able to laugh it off after their initial disappointment, because what does it matter if it doesn’t exist when the search brought forth all this love? OR, was the treasure already claimed or perhaps destroyed? And what’s going on with Aunt Cora and Cal? All of these questions are just waiting to be answered. November, why don’t you hurry on up so I can find out what happens.

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