Since I’ve Been Gone

It has been over a week since I’ve been here, wow. I have to give mad props, to those other bloggers out there who are doing the school and work thing, in addition to whatever else you’ve taken on who have managed to keep up with the book blogging. Personally, since the start of school I’ve pretty much been swamped. I’m certainly not low on reading material and none of professors seemed to wait too long to whip out the tests and papers. In addition to having been sick as a dog, well, I just haven’t been keeping up on the blogging front.

Essentially it came down to this, do I want to try to bang out some reviews with my free time or do I want to do some non-academic reading with my free time? I’ve been going with the non-academic reading option, that is when I haven’t been sleeping, or working, or in class, or being sick.

I’m sure that once I get more adjusted, I’ll be better. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people where it takes practice to get into a new schedule, so it takes a few weeks for me to figure out drive time to class time to read time to work time and so on. I’ll work blog time in there somewhere, eventually. I promise. I know everyone is totally just swimming the shores waiting for my insightful thoughts on whatever reading I’ve been doing lately.

Don’t worry, I know it’s cause I’m awesome.

And, yes, I am joking. My ego isn’t quite so inflated. [At least not tonight – or this morning as it happens to be after one a.m.]

So where from here?

Well this kid is gonna keep reading, this kid is also celebrating a birthday – tomorrow, even though the actual celebrating isn’t happening until next weekend. Until I head up to Massachusettes for a for serious tiki party blowout with friends of mine, I’ll be here, reading, working, doing homework and the like. ‘Cause I’m way awesome.

I’d also like to just say that it is September 11, and I hope that we all remember to take a minute to keep all of those who were affected by the tragedy of nine years ago – directly and indirectly – in our thoughts.

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