Booking Through Thursday – Current Reads

What are you reading right now? What made you choose it? Are you enjoying it? Would you recommend it? (And, by all means, discuss everything, if you’re reading more than one thing!)

It’s the question that never dies, because all of us readers love talking about what we read! Whooo hoo!

What have I just finished?
I just read SEALed with a Kiss last night by Mary Margaret Daughtridge. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to review it. I also just finished up the Rough Riders series by Lorelei James, which I’m deeply invested in.

What am I working through now?
Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates. Excuse my french, but the homie in that book is fucked up. I love it. Also, I’m still halfway through Sex at Dawn. Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish it before school, and with my class load and the amount of academic reading I’ve been doing, most of my reads have been purely fun – or romance novels. While Sex at Dawn is very interesting, it has taken a back seat to my other ‘mindless reads’.

What am I going to read through soon?
Well, I have a box of about 25 books that I borrowed on top of one of my bookshelves waiting to be read. Hopefully I’ll get through those soon. Also, I have Irish Dreams by Nora Roberts, a book a coworker lent me that I’d like to read this weekend. 13 Bullets by David Wellington is waiting. I’m psyched for that one also.

Keep an eye out for them. What are you currently reading?

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