Cowgirl Up and Ride

The third installment of the Rough Riders series, Cowgirl Up and Ride is Cord McKay and AJ Foster’s story.

AJ Foster grew up on the ranch next to the McKay’s. When she was five years old, Cord McKay saved her from a rattlesnake after being thrown from her horse. Ever since AJ has been in love with Cord. Cord on the other hand has no desire to get into another relationship. After his wife left him high and dry with their infant son because she couldn’t survive ranch life in Wyoming Cord buckled down and focused on raising his son and working the ranch. When Amy Jo – all grown up now – makes Cord an offer, he’s got to decide if it’s the right thing to go for it.

AJ has a lot to give to Cord and she’s finally ready to go for it, to put herself out there. She is the shy, goody-two-shoes girl next door no more. Now that the ball is in Cord’s court, only time will tell what’s going to happen…


So I had to keep my summary short and sweet for this one lest I divulge too much. Reason being; this is my favorite of the series thus far. I am overly biased towards Cord and AJ’s story and absolutely love the book. I’ve probably read it like 15 times in the last month. I will, without a doubt, come out swinging if you tell me you don’t like this story.

Now that I’ve violently illustrated my love and devotion for this particular McKay escapade…

Lorelei James has a 10 out of 5 book here, at least by my scale. The way things played out between AJ and Cord was fantastic. In the first two books AJ comes off as quiet and keeping to herself. In Cowgirl Up and Ride, she asserts herself, finds her womanhood, summons up the strength to get what she wants. Cord is still at odds with every that happened between his and his ex, he lets his pride lead the way which is not the best move to make. The development of the two characters was fantastic and getting to know them better was fun.

I had a fierce emotional moment towards the end of this book where my heart broke and I did the “Awwwwwe,” thing that woman do generally when in sight of a baby or puppy. It was pretty sweet.

There is a lot going on with the development of secondary characters in this book, but James manages it well and she doesn’t let them take over the main line of Cord and AJ. I will also, again, offer a warning. Lorelei James is not shy about the erotic part of erotic western romance. This is a spicy book, be prepared for the heat.

All in all, another hit from Mrs. Lorelei James! I cannot wait for her next release (Book 10 of the Rough Riders series is out in November. Less than a month!)

One thought on “Cowgirl Up and Ride

  1. Hilcia October 13, 2010 / 12:19 pm

    Hannah I agree with you wholeheartedly, this is a great addition to this excellent series by James. Love, love, love it!

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