Four Month Challenge, Part 4 Has Ended

The Four Month Challenge Part Four has officially come to an end. Out of the possible 250 points, I ended with 140. Considering that this is my first go at something like this, I say thats not half bad.

Where did the points com from?

+5: Read a book with a proper name in the title –The Book of David: How Preserving Families Can Cost Children’s Lives by Richard Gelles
+5: Read a book with a one word title – Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast
+10: Read a hardcover book – Tribute by Nora Roberts
+15: Read a book by an author you’ve never read before – Fragile by Shiloh Walker
+15: Read a book with a number in the title – One Fine Cowboy by Joanne Kennedy
+15: Read any book and then post a review – The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks
+15: Read any book but read it outside – Tough to Tame by Diana Palmer
+20: Read a book in a series AND the one after it – The Darkest Night and The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
+20: Read a book considered Christian fictionFireproof by Eric Wilson
+20: Read a book by an author born in July, August, September or October The MacKade Brothers: Devin & Shane by Nora Roberts

Whoo! I can feel a bit of a sense of accomplishment.

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