Montana Glory

 WARNING! There will be spoilers ahead. I just can’t keep my mouth shut about this one!

Montana Glory is Zane McCord’s story and the third book in the McCord Cousins trilogy by R.C. Ryan. Zane McCord is set in his ways. He likes working the ranch now that he’s back home, he enjoys searching for his family’s gold with his family, he likes his video technology, and he likes being single. Now that his cousins are married, it’s up to him to live up to the wild McCord name. Riley Mason, on the other hand, is looking for a quiet simple life. She doesn’t want or need a man; she just wants a dependable job, income, and a safe place to raise her four year old daughter Summer.

Riley and her daughter end up at the Lost Nugget Ranch when Cal Randall is in need of an accountants help. He’s managed to make a mess of all things paperwork involved and the accounting firm used by the ranch sends Riley in to straighten it out. To make it easier for Riley to get her work done, she is living with her daughter on the ranch.

During this time she and Zane get close. Everyone on the ranch falls in love with Summer. Riley ends up involved in the family’s search for their gold and she and Summer begin to build bonds with the family.

When Riley finds out that he past is catching up with her she is frightened. She never wanted to put anyone else in harm’s way and truly believed that she would not be traced to the middle of nowhere Montana. Becoming a team, Riley and Zane work through Riley’s issues in the past while also moving forward themselves. The hunt for treasure takes an interesting move as well.

My Thoughts:

Most important to mention is that I was very satisfied with the ending of the trilogy. I had to wait a long time and the anticipation built and built, but there was no let down. At the end of book two I was left with a multitude of questions and hopes, and they were all answered.

Zane and Riley had this great tension building relationship at first. The two continuously fought their attractions to each other. Zane also ended up being one of those guys who, even though Riley has a daughter, he built a relationship with the daughter because he wanted to, not just to get into Riley’s bed. Both Zane and Riley do a lot of moving forward throughout the course of the book. Zane’s development is in the form of realizing that maybe he doesn’t want to stay the single wild man, that perhaps having a family is the path to fulfillment. Riley’s progress is in coming to trust the McCord family. I don’t mean just by being happy that they decided to allow her to live on their farm with her daughter, but allowing herself to trust them, especially with her daughter.

One of the big things I wondered about was what would happen between Cal and Cora. I was so rooting for the two of them to realize the love they shared together and get married. Well I wasn’t let down. And that’s all I’m going to say.

In an attempt to not give too much away, I’m not going to say what happens with the gold. I will tell you that there are four extremely happy couples at the end of this trilogy. A big, happy family has laid their foundation and they continue to build on it.

Read the trilogy. Montana Legacy, Montana Destiny, and Montana Glory. They are filled with fun, tearful, and fist-pumping moments. Especially this last one. Grab the hot cocoa and a comfy blanket, curl up on the couch with said items and books, and enjoy a few great stories. I recommend it!

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