Booking Through Thursday – Veterans Day

It is November 11th, known here in the U.S. as Veteran’s Day, formerly Armistice Day to remember the end of WWI but expanded to honor all veterans who have fought for their country, so …

Do you read war stories? Fictional ones? Histories?

My simple answer to this weeks question is, yes.

My longer answer is this. I was raised in a family where joining the armed services was no rarity. My father is retired National Guard and served in Iraq. One of my uncles is still serving in the U.S. Navy and returned from a deployment less than one year ago. Two of my uncles served in the U.S. Army for a short time. One of my grandfathers served in the U.S. Air Force. Several other distant relations have served or are serving as well. Needless to say I was raised around men and women who have and do fight for their country.

As far as what I read, I don’t discriminate. I have read books that are fictional to do with war as well as non-fiction. A lot of what I read that is connected to war are memoirs. I love to read memoirs of any kind, but soldiers memoirs are particularly interesting for me to read. Another big part of what I will call my war-involved reading is anything to do with psychological affects of war. One of my main study interests is diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and stress disorders in soldiers. Any book on that topic is something I’ll read.

Happy Veterans Day!!!

One thought on “Booking Through Thursday – Veterans Day

  1. cdmaczane November 11, 2010 / 5:35 pm

    I never thought of reading memoirs of those who had served. When I answered this question I was only thinking of the bigger picture (in terms of the overall histories). Maybe that’s a good place to start. Thanks for the good idea.

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