Looking Back

During a bit of free time at work, or more correctly during my procrastination time, because lets face it, accounts payable and receivable is not the most exciting job in the world, I went browsing through other blogs and my own. I spent some time taking a look at the books I’ve read so far this year, the challenges I’ve got going and coming, and my personal trends.

It is no shock to anyone who has visited here that I went on a romance novel craze this year. Before 2010 I don’t recall ever having read a real romance novel. When I found that first Nora Roberts that set me off it was perfect. I had my happily ever after in my books while I struggled with accepting the principle of delayed gratification in my day to day life. However, as I looked back at my reading list just now I realized how drastically my reading has changed.

I have completed about 144 books so far this year, honestly, over 100 of them have been completed since June, which is bonkers. I’ve never read that much before, and its because of all the romance I’ve been reading. I can read a 350 page romance in a few hours whereas with the other books I read I usually take more time to digest what I’m reading. I read slower to make sure I’m not missing anything and at times I re-read passages. Therefore it takes me a little longer to get through books that are not fiction.

My reading of non-fiction outside of textbooks, has seriously dropped since starting my romance craze. I have no clue how many books I’m going to end up finishing in the next month and three days, but I’m going to set a goal for myself now.

I miss reading my non-fiction. I love reading books about true crime, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and I could go on, but I think you get the jist of it. So my goal, which will officially go into play for new years, but I’m going to start working at as soon as my semester ends in about three weeks, is to read less romance and more of the regular fiction and non-fiction that I gave up. I’m also still planning on beginning my exploration into science fiction (recommendations appreciated!) for the sci-fi challenge I joined. It’s early yet, but I’m going to start thinking about what books I really, really wanna get read during 2011.

I have over 2,500 e-books and hard copy books that I have not read but would like to. I also have a handy dandy library card if there is something I want to check out before spending money on it. Maybe for once I’ll actually use the damn thing.

My goal for the end of 2010… to have an idea of the books I want to read during 2011. I will leave room for new additions to my list, because if I tried to say to myself, only these books, no other, I would read only other and not these, because that’s just how I am.

Here’s to re-expanding my horizons. The blinders are coming off and its going to be an interesting year!

Do you have any reading-related goals for the end of 2010 or for 2011?

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