Shit My Dad Says

Before I start talking about the book I’m putting up a warning. If you are offended by lots of swearing, you’re better off staying away from this one since the title accurately reflects the language throughout the book.

A 29 year old Justin Halpern moved back home with his 73 year old father after his girlfriend dumped him and he had nowhere else to go. Having a job where he worked from home and spending time with his retired father, he started keeping track of things his dad would say to him. Then he started posting them on Twitter. These quotes attracted quite a following and along came a book, Shit My Dad Says. Halpern starts the book with stories from his childhood and follows through to his life as an adult.

Shit My Dad Says is a really quick read, time for any distractions included it took under two hours for me to get through the book. Over half that time I spent laughing aloud at quotes from his father or the stories of his life. We all have stories about ourselves that you just can’t help but laugh at. Halpern is no exception. His father is very blunt and for lack of a better term, swears like a sailor. I appreciate the straight-forward attitude shown in the book.

My mom actually read this before I did, and for a few weeks she has been hounding me to sit down for an hour and read the book, and boy am I glad I did. Stories that everyone can relate to are told in an honest and humorous way.

On My Bloody Nose

“What happened? Did somebody punch you in the face?!… The what? The air is dry? Do me a favor and tell people you got punched in the face.”

On My Response to Having My Tires Slashed

” Oh, don’t go to the goddamned cops. They’re busy with real shit. I don’t want my tax dollars going to figuring out who thinks you’re an asshole.”

That’s only a sampling of the things Mr. Sam Halpern has to say, and I really had to just open to a random page and point to choose what to quote.

The book ends with a story that Halpern’s father told him about his first wife that is far more serious than the rest of the book. While, the change in mood might seem abrupt, that story his father shares is personal and really hits home for me. It also reinforces the reality that we all live in. I’m going to be redundant here, again. Pick up the book, read it, laugh and nod and say yup, been there.

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