Short Review: Working Stiff

I came across Working Stiff when I was browsing at the library the other day. I saw the author’s name, recognized it, skimmed the blurb, and said ‘what the hell.’ Go figure that I find out after I start reading that this is actually the fourth book in the Sofie Metropolis series. Even so, I still read and enjoyed this one.

Sofie Metropolis is a P.I. out of Queens who takes on a case of a missing body – a missing dead body – for her aunt, and a case to try and find the real killer of a teenage girl so that a young man does not end up on trial for a murder he didn’t commit. This is something of a change from the cheating spouse and missing pet cases that Sofie is used to, but she is determined to succeed nonetheless.

In addition to following along with the cases there is the sheer insanity of working with a superstitious office manager who is sure that there is a neighborhood vampire around, dealing with a large Greek family and the meddling that comes along with the family, and of course a big Austrailian bounty hunter.

Working Stiff has a little bit of everything in it, mystery, romance, family… you get the jist. All in all it was a great read.

Many of the reviews compare the Metro books to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but personally I find it’s not as outrageous as the movie was. However! The authors (Tori Carrington is actually Tony and Lori Karayianni) do a great job of winding a modern P.I. tale around the true Greek stereotypes that have been passed on over the years. I look forward to going back and reading the first three books in the series and then the fifth book which is scheduled for release this week.

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