Bayou Moon

William is finally free of The Red Legion, and he is free of the man who wanted him to kill his best friend. Now William lives in his crappy trailer the Edge, works in the Broken, and does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. No one treats him as if he’s diseased or less than. No one expects him to constantly be on guard and ready to kill. He simply lives his own quiet life. Up until one day, when Mirror agents show up and ask for his services in getting whatever it is that William’s nemesis Spider is after. In the course of his mission, William becomes entangled with Cerise Mar and her family feud. Cerise grew up in the swamps of the Egde, a nearly impassable area, and has offered to take William with her. When Spider’s search leads him and his troop of magically altered men directly to the Mar family, William realizes he’s got to act fast and prepare the Mar’s for what is coming.

I devoured all 400-odd pages of Bayou Moon in one sitting. It is a great addition to The Edge series.

I found myself attached to many of the characters in the book, just as I had with On the Edge, with the added benefit of the fact that William makes a much better male lead than Declan did. I don’t dislike Declan, but he was almost beyond fault. He was priveleged and rich, whereas William is tortured, broken. The way he was raised, trained, and treated left him with little else other than the skills of a killer. There’s an almost childish quality to William in that he grew up learning to kill, there was no love for him. His powerful defending of children in the hopes that they never have to experience the life he did only increases my love for his character. His ability to connect with Cerise’s sister, Lark – who is also broken in her own way, wrenched my heart. Cerise, on the other hand, was a kick ass female lead. She stepped up to the plate to bring her family out of ruin a few years before, and after her parents go missing, she doesn’t hesitate to step up and do what needs to be done. Her grandmother and her cousins Kaldar and Richard were awesome characters also. They were all so easy to love.

As far as what is happening with the story, it was definitely interesting. Learning about the Mar’s feud with the other Swamp Edge family as well as seeing them finally get some closure had me turning pages. William’s journey to the swamp and his learning to love and be loved is a big part of what made the story for me. The magic, the fighting, the discovery – these are all parts of Bayou Moon that come together to create an exceptional book. I definitely recommend this series.

The Edge series:
1. On the Edge
2. Bayou Moon
3. Fate’s Edge (To be released: Nov 2011)
4. Untitled – Details to come…

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