The Scorpion Queen

Synopsis from the publisher:

Mystical, magical and mysterious.
She’s every mortal’s dream and every mortal’s nightmare. She will slip into your sleep and entice you, take you to heights you’ve never dreamed but beware, do not cross over without her call, because if you do she will …
Queen Scorpathia is tired. Many years have gone by since she sought a mate. Ten decades. It may be anger. It may be fear but the time has come. She has entered another’s dream state one last time. Now she will have to fight more than her fear of losing yet another. She will have to fight the passion, lust and desires that are plaguing her mind, body and soul. No one has ever given and taken as much as this warrior and no one will ever again. But will his strength and love be enough to fight the battles raging around her. Will the powers of her land be enough to bring forth yet another day? Only time will tell.
Gabriel has travels far and long searching for the woman who enters his dreams. The things she does to him are only minor to what he plans to do in person once he finds her. Such passion should not be shackled to only the night, the sleep. Twelve full moons have passed and he will not give up until she is his. He knows together they will harvest a power that will be unstoppable. A power that can only be harvested with the bonding of their two lives and hearts.
However, this battle comes with many foes, some familiar, some strangers. He will not only have to fight her and her fears but also the myths adding mortar to the walls she has built around her. It will take more than any battle skill he’s even known to chip away at her stone façade and bring her to the life that is truly hers. But will she allow it? Will she allow her heart to open to what could be more lies, more torment?
My Thoughts:
When I first saw the description for The Scorpion Queen, I was nothing if not curious. In reading this book, I found that the story was really catchy (escpecially for erotica), and it was incredibly easy to read.
Scorpathia is a queen willing to do whatever she must to protect her land and give her people peace. She has resigned herself to the fact that she will always be alone – for every man she has called for has perished – and that she is doomed to fight wars with those who want her land until she dies. Scorpathia is a powerhouse female, and even struggling as she has been she’s pretty kick ass, but she’s also human and she does make a mistake – a big one that could have cost her everything. Gabriel is nothing if not determined. For a year he has searched out the woman who has called to him, but when he finally finds her – she refuses to do what she must. Neither of the two realize the power inside of Gabriel and it becomes a source of weakness for both. Scorpathia and Gabriel were easy to like, though it’s difficult not to be aggravated at the constant interuptions or denying their attraction when you know its inevitable and that it must happen – if only, for the sake of her people.
The story was simple to follow, and I found myself interested right off the bat. The constant battles and the personal struggles simply make a good story, overall. There was one point in the book of certain tragedy leaving me wondering just what was going on and what was going to happen – and in all honesty, it gave me flashbacks to Romeo and Juliet. In the end, of course everything worked out and you’re left with a sense of closure.
For erotica, I have to say The Scorpion Queen is pretty tame, though I cannot reasonably recommend this to anyone easily offended by graphic sexual content. I do, however, recommend this to readers of erotica who like a bit of fantasy in their stories.
** Note: I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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