Darcy and Elizabeth: Short Review Style

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have married and now it’s time for Elizabeth to be introduced to London. Amidst dinner, dancing, and tea Elizabeth must find a way to fit into the social circles that Mr. Darcy has always been a part of. While there are some who shun Elizabeth and some who are simply jealous, she manages to find a friend in the Marchioness of Englebury – a very powerful woman within society. Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride is a great telling of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth settling into marriage.

Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride quickly became a favorite among the Pride and Prejudice sequels I’ve read. It is well written and fun and easy to read. The big plus of this book, though, is the characters. Halstead did a fantastic job writing Darcy and Elizabeth. In addition, Kitty Bennett and Georgiana Darcy get their stories here along with a few newer characters who were quite fantastic – the Marchioness of Englebury among them. This one is definitely worth picking up.

Darcy’s Voyage is a bit different than the above book being that it’s a variation, not a sequel.

Elizabeth Bennett has been invited to join her aunt and uncle in America for a time and so she boards a ship to cross the Atlantic. Mr. Darcy allowed his sister to travel to America with her companion, but as she’s fallen ill, Mr. Darcy must travel to America to bring Georgiana back to England. The unlikely couple eventually become friends sharing morning walks among the deck of Pemberley’s Promise. When Mr. Darcy notices that Elizabeth is beginning to fall ill and hears about the illness in steerage he is quick to find a solution. He proposes that the captain marry them so that Elizabeth can take the one open bed on the ship – the one in Darcy’s cabin. The question becomes, after they separate in America, will they ever find each other again?

First, I have to admit that I was cautious going into Darcy’s Voyage. I remember reading something about this that had me going, ‘Ehhh…’ In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when I read this. The author stays true to both Darcy and Elizabeth while changing things up a bit. The story itself proved to be very interesting and moves fairly quickly. Romance, wit, and my favorite love story of all time… Darcy’s Voyage is certainly a great read.

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