My Return a.k.a. I’m Aliveeee!

Back in 2010 I discovered book blogs, and for that matter being a book blogger. Every time I would read those blogs I was amazed at the number of people out there with book blogs and the sense of community I saw. Being a reader has a way of bringing people together whether you agree or disagree on anything that’s reader-centric. It’s that kind of stuff that inspired me to become a book blogger.

Pretty quickly I began to meet tons of new people, started participating in all sorts of weekly postings, not to mention the list of books I wanted to read started growing at an unbelievable rate. It was amazing. There were tons of other perks too, like getting a chance to talk to authors and publishers (I still remembered the first time I got a message from an author thanking me for my review!) and even getting books for review.

Amidst the amazingness I still managed to fall away from book blogging… Slowly at first, and even though I kept trying to come back and keep up, in the end I just kind of fell off the face of the earth and didn’t find my way back until now. There are many reasons for that, some being incredibly personal and difficult and others being far more ridiculous. That’s not what really matters though. What does matter is that lately I’ve realized how much I miss book blogging.

I’ll admit it, I’ve been kind of wishy-washy about coming back here in large part because sometimes there are a lot of things I’d like to say but don’t feel that I can here. Another part of it was because I found myself in a HUGE reading slump. I easily read less than half of what I normally do last year, not to mention there was almost no variation. It was just the occasional escapism read. To be quite honest, I spent most of last year just watching TV and movies, playing video games, and getting addicted to tons of podcasts and Doctor Who. I felt like I had nothing to say worth posting here.

Something that I feel horrible about and must address is that leaving this blog without a word means I also left without certain obligations being fulfilled, those being reviews for certain books I had received from authors and publishers and also through NetGalley and TLC book tours. To all of those people I apologize dearly. Though it’s not much, and not nearly enough to make up for leaving, now that I’ve decided to come back I’ll be rereading and reviewing each of those books I promised I would back in 2011. There is so much work put into writing, editing, designing, marketing, and releasing a book that it almost feels like stealing when I think about the books I never reviewed when I promised them and I’m not okay with that.

Whatever the issues that kept me from being here; I’ve faced the music and decided it’s time to come back. I’ve recently come out of the reading slump I was in and I want to share my thoughts and talk to other bloggers and participate in all the awesomesauce that is book blogging. There’s a great group of people out here and I miss being a part of it.

In my very first post on this blog, I mentioned that it was time for me to stop thinking about becoming a blogger and just do it. That holds true today as well. It’s beyond time for me to stop thinking about and missing blogging and time for me to jump back into things. With all that being said… Hi everyone! I’m very much alive, I’m back, and I’m looking forward to some awesome bookishness!

2 thoughts on “My Return a.k.a. I’m Aliveeee!

  1. Cyberkitten February 1, 2013 / 3:23 am

    Welcome back! I look forward to reading your upcoming book reviews.

  2. Hannah February 1, 2013 / 11:48 am

    Thanks! It’s good to be back and get going again! =]

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