Fatal Affair by Marie Force


Sam Holland, Detective Sergeant for Washington D.C.’s metro police is coming back from a rough and highly publicized case closing. In order to restore the public’s faith in her, and her faith in herself she needs things to happen just right in her first case back. When a United States Senator is viciously murdered, Sam gets the case and her chance to prove herself again. Enter Nick Cappuano, blast from Sam’s past and friend and Chief of Staff to the murdered Senator. Nick is willing to do whatever it takes to help the cops find out who murdered his best friend, but at the same time, he’s looking for another shot with Sam. Between several murders, a guy who won’t let her say no, and the pressure to find answers Sam’s got her work cut out for her.

Fatal Affair is the first book in Marie Force’s Fatal series and when I spotted it as a freebie for nook, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go since I really liked the last book I read by her. Let me just say, that overall, I wasn’t disappointed.

First, the mystery/investigation aspect of the book didn’t disappoint. As a criminal justice major, I’ve had all aspects of criminal investigation and court/law procedure shoved down my throat for the last several years. So when I read any sort of book that involves a police investigation, that knowledge affects how I react to the book. Fatal Affair gets major points from me in the realistic aspect of the investigation. Holland and her partner have to work with people in a variety of mental states, with tons of other things going on (in both work and personal lives), and they have an insane amount of information to sort through and process in a very limited amount of time. Throughout the book, there are tons of different theories thrown out there which really kept me guessing until the end. Even when I was sure I figured it out, I actually hadn’t. It was awesome!

Second is the romance aspect. For the most part, the romance between Sam and Nick was really good. I liked the whole we’re finally seeing each other and getting answers and our second chance idea. The two of them were fairly good together at that. The thing that got me about their relationship though, is it was almost like Nick had to prove himself from time to time. There were a couple instances of ‘I man, you woman’ behavior even though Sam was obviously capable of protecting herself and it really grated on me. Overall though, Sam was badass and Nick was really supportive.

Bottom line, definite win for Fatal Affair and I look forward to continuing the series.

The Fatal Series:

  1. Fatal Affair
  2. Fatal Justice
  3. Fatal Consequences
  4. Fatal Flaw
  5. Fatal Deception
  6. Fatal Mistake (To be released June 2013)


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