Double Feature: Teresa Mummert

honorstudentHonor Student is about college student Emma and her history professor Mr. Honor. The two characters meet, have troubles getting along, engage in an illicit relationship, and so on. That’s not much of a synopsis, but that’s really all that’s to it (and all that stuck with me to be honest).

I bought Honor Student as one of those cheap-o e-books, and I have to say I’m so glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on it, because it was just bad. The editing was terrible… absolutely horrific. The story line was so cliché there aren’t even words for it. Some of the stuff that happened was just ridiculous. And for reals… what kind of college does this chick go to?????? I mean, the college literally was written like a high school, it felt like a high school, and it took away even more from the book than already was.

I don’t want to be overly mean about it, but Honor Student just wasn’t a good book in the least. There are more books in the series, but I don’t have any desire to continue reading. Not even a little.

I know, I know… “Why ever would you read a second book by an author when you pretty much hated the first book you read by them?”

Welp, one of my middle of the night Barnes & Noble sprees led me to Suicide Note, also by Teresa Mummert. I knew I recognized the author’s name, but couldn’t figure out from where so I just went ahead and bought it.

In Suicide Note, Jenn has had enough of her life and is ready to do something suicidenoteabout it. Shane is a soldier who comes home on leave and ends up befriending Jenn when he figures out that the note he found was written by her. The two develop a relationship, fall in love, and the pieces fall from there. Suicide Note had so much promise – much more than Honor Student in my opinion. However, it just didn’t end up being what it could have been.

The good: I actually liked the characters in this book. I really did. And the premise of the story was good, but those two things just weren’t enough.

The writing in Suicide Note just felt really choppy and jumpy to me… that’s the best way I can explain it. There are also still lots of editing issues in this book and it makes me crazy! The thing that got me the most about this book though… I felt like it ended so abruptly. This huge thing happened and then it was just done, finished. I was sitting there with whiplash like… ‘Whaaaa?!?!’

Unfortunately, both of these books fell short for me which means I’m not likely to pick up another Teresa Mummert book in the near future.

Tell me! Have you ever read Teresa Mummert? Is it just me who feels like this?

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