Silver by Rhiannon Held


Andrew Dare, werewolf and enforcer, has an important job. Eliminate any and all threats to the Roanoke pack. So when he gets the call that there’s a lone wolf roaming his territory that smells like silver, he’s got to investigate. Silver doesn’t remember anything about her life before the fire running through her veins and the loss of her wild self, she’s simply trying to survive with death as her only companion. She’s just not sure how long she can keep running.

Silver, Rhiannon Held’s debut novel, was an interesting read to say the least. While werewolves and the concept of silver being lethal to werewolves isn’t new, she did play with certain other aspects of the werewolves back story and lives that kept me reading. Held built up a new mythology for werewolves and played with bits of history in an interesting way. While Silver is primarily about trying to figure out what happened to this lone wolf, it also delves into pack politics and life, both the good and the bad.

The characters in the book were all very interesting. Especially Dare and Silver. Dare because of the type of person he is, the attitudes he has towards certain things, and the mystery surrounding his time in Spain. Silver because she obviously survived something horrible and she’s trying to understand all of these new things about herself. It was also really interesting having Death as an actual character. To be honest, I almost felt bad for him at times throughout the story.

The only thing about this book that I wish was different was to get more background on Dare’s history in Spain and the situation with his daughter and his wife’s family. We get some of the story in Silver, but it would awesome to get more about that, in my own opinion.

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed Silver. There were so many different pieces that kept me wanting to read. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Rhiannon Held.

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