Weekend Reading Teaser: May 29th

It’s a holiday weekend which means that I have a whopping two days off so I’m planning to dig into The Dragon Reborn and see how much I can read over these next two days. Here’s to more Wheel of Time.

“I know why people think Aes Sedai are puppetmasters. I can almost feel the strings on my arms and legs. Whatever they do, it will be what they decide is good for the White Tower, not what is good or fair for us.
But you still want to be Aes Sedai. Don’t you?”

from page 149 of The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

Happy Reading!

One thought on “Weekend Reading Teaser: May 29th

  1. Cyberkitten May 29, 2022 / 3:40 am

    We have a 4-day weekend next week for the Queen’s jubilee. Not that it will make any difference to me (except that most of the shops will be closed). But my friends who still have to work for a living are looking forward to it! Enjoy your break. You are POWERING through the Jordan… impressive!

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