King of Midnight by Lara Adrian

King of Midnight by Lara Adrian
Series: Midnight Breed #18
Publisher: Self-published, Kindle Edition, 299 pages

The Order is desperate to put a stop to the terror caused everyday by their enemies, but now they have an even greater challenge to face and it will take the combined efforts of two species that have been enemies for centuries to survive.

Reading this book was bittersweet. It is book 18 and the final book of the Midnight Breed series, something I started reading back in 2010 and a lot has happened along the way. I also feel like there is a lot that had to happen in this book and that 299 pages isn’t really enough to do justice to everything. I’m so torn. I really want to love this one, but I just would have liked more out of it.

I guess part of it is that we get these hints of the Atlantean queen in the books leading up to this one, but then the real development of her character in this book is so rushed. Also, a 20-something Breed male is just gonna up and charm an immortal queen who’s been alive for how many thousand years? Also, the big battle, RUSHED. There were other things that were just so conveniently tied up with a bow too.

Everything just felt so rushed and convenient. Maybe this is my own problem since I’ve been reading a goodly amount of fantasy that is very descriptive and takes it’s time, but I really felt we could have used longer with some of the events and characters of this book to really get into it. Especially seeing as, this was it.

Overall, sadly I’m a bit disappointed in this one. I’m committed to the characters at this point, but I feel like the execution of the story itself needed something more. 3/5 stars.

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