The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan
Series: The Wheel of Time #3
Publisher: Tor, Mass Market Paperback, 690 Pages

The Dragon Reborn picks up with Rand struggling to come to terms with what he needs to do and live up to, while Perrin is doing his best to support him. Meanwhile, Nynaeve and Egwene are desperate to get Mat to Tar Valon in time to save his life. They just weren’t expecting the challenges that greeted them back at the white tower.

I have to admit, I am quite intrigued by this series and I’m committed to reading through at this point, but there are some positives and some negatives to it. My primary complaint is with Rand’s character. I don’t know if he just has a lot of growing up to do or what, but there are times where I just want to shake him. Yes, there is a lot riding on him, but truly… deal with it buddy! The back and forth we get with his character is frustrating and it feels like immaturity, not a consequence of his circumstances. Other than that, I’m pretty much loving it.

Perrin is by far my favorite character of the series. He’s got a lot going on and I feel like once he embraces his gift he’s really going to be unstoppable. I love reading from his perspective and seeing what he’s going to do next and trying to determine the impact that his actions are going to have down the line, for instance his interactions with the Aielman Gaul. There was enough time spent there that I feel that we’ll be circling back and I can’t wait. All that said, I’m also very intrigued by what’s going on with Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne. I was surprised by some of the decisions made regarding their paths, given their recent introduction to the true source. At the same time, it’s also making the story more interesting because it doesn’t just fall into place all sensibly and neatly (at least from where I sit). I’m very curious to see how their mission is going to turn out and what they will end up learning in the course of their journeys.

This is only book three of fourteen, but I’ve started to find myself making predictions about things I think will happen over the course of the series. We have all these clues, but there is also so much time for things to change and unravel into a completely different direction which is making this reading journey so exciting for me. That said, I definitely still have questions. There are people who are not who they say they are, though they haven’t been officially revealed yet. There are all these threads that are related, but we can’t quite determine the meanings of those threads. We are also finally being introduced to more people and groups outside of the initial band of characters and I’m interested to see what role they will end up playing throughout the whole of the series. For example, we really get to interact with the Aiel for the first time in this book which I was SO excited for and we meet one of the hunters.

The pacing of this book is very familiar to the first two, so I’m thinking this is how the whole series will be formatted. There is a lot of build up with smaller events that lead to one big event at the end of the story. While the ending of The Dragon Reborn is probably the most action we’ve seen in the series so far, I’m having to remind myself that we still have quite a ways to go.

Overall, I’m very much enjoying the series – if not every story line equally – and I am very much looking forward to reading on. These are just fun fantasy tales to sink my teeth into. 4/5 stars.

The World of Time Series:
1. The Eye of the World
2. The Great Hunt
3. The Dragon Reborn
4. The Shadow Rising
5. The Fires of Heaven
6. Lord of Chaos
7. A Crown of Swords
8. The Path of Daggers
9. Winter’s Heart
10. Crossroads of Twilight
11. Knife of Dreams
12. The Gathering Storm
13. Towers of Midnight
14. A Memory of Light

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