Checking in: We’re back to the real world

Howdy there! I have returned from vacation and I have to say, it was wonderful! I went to Scotland with my best friend and we had a blast. The stand outs were definitely Dunnottar Castle and the Isle of Skye, though admittedly we wish we had more time to spend on Skye. Of course we had to take a boat ride down Loch Ness… how do you skip that? And in all honesty, the highlands were just beautiful everywhere we went. It didn’t hurt that the heather was in bloom so all of the hills and mountains had this purply/blue coloring to them. We had some other adventures as well like quadding in the Cairngorms and we went hunting for street art in Aberdeen (and we’re pretending this day went EXACTLY as planned… you’ll never get me to confess otherwise!). I’ll share some photos below. 🙂

Reading wise: Very happily I did start reading Mistborn on vacation and I’m so mad I waited. I am LOVING this book. I have about 150 pages left, so I’m hoping to finish it this weekend. I’m not sure what I’ll read next, I’ll have to see what I’m in the mood for, but for right now I’m just going to enjoy the book I’ve got going.

Without further adieu, here are some Scotland photos!

Nothing like a boat ride on Loch Ness. The closest we got to finding Nessie is….
This bit of artwork along the Caledonian Canal.
The universe was nice enough to give us a beautiful evening sky on our last night in Edinburgh.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Checking in: We’re back to the real world

  1. Cyberkitten September 11, 2022 / 8:18 am

    Welcome Back! How’s the jet-lag, or don’t you get it going East to West? From your photo’s you look like you were lucky with the weather. Shame you didn’t see Nessie. She usually pops her head up for passing tourists… [grin]

    BTW – If you missed it (having other things to do!) I posted my review of God’s Behaving Badly here:

    • Hannah September 11, 2022 / 9:26 am

      Thanks! I’ve been home for a couple of days so it’s not so bad now, but I was a mess for a couple of days. We definitely got lucky on weather, it rained a couple of mornings and there were a couple of showers, but that’s all. There was a fair bit of sun too! We definitely kept our eye out for Nessie, but she must have been feeling shy that day, lol.

      I haven’t seen it yet, though I did see another review that you posted that I am very very intrigued by. I’ll pop over shortly to check these out!

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