Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
Series: Mistborn Trilogy #1
Publisher: Tor Fantasy, Mass Market Paperback, 643 pages

Vin is just your normal street urchin trying to survive another day, but when she catches the eye of someone who would destroy her and someone who is determined to save her, her life will be changed. After all, Vin is joining up with a crew taking on an impossible mission, they’re going to help upend the world.

I’m not sure what there is to say as a synopsis for this book at this point, everything has probably been well covered and with good reason. This book is amazing. I was so engaged, mentally and emotionally the whole time. The last 100 pages or so though took it to another level. The treatment of the Skaa is horrifying, yet there is something so uplifting about the story and the work that the main characters are doing to ultimately empower and eventually improve the lives of the Skaa. It lends a sense of reality to what is otherwise a fantasy story.

I really enjoyed the characters. As much as Kelsier’s behavior could really cause me anxiety at times, his endgame took me by surprise. The rest of the crew, Sazed, Dockson, Breeze, Ham, Marsh, even Spook all have these strong but unique personalities that made them more than just a crew that we’re reading about. And of course, we can’t forget about Vin. I mean… who doesn’t want to see a woman overcome their crappy past to jump into something new and just downright kick ass and take names from day one? Yet, Vin also has this naïvete that I think is quite critical to brining her character to life. I was constantly cheering on these characters.

The other thing I really have to give Brandon Sanderson credit for here is that I don’t think he took the obvious or easy road in all of this. Some of the plot points were just NOT what I was expecting at all. While I know now why things unfolded as they did, the process of getting from A to B definitely kept me on my toes and it was a great time. I also really enjoy the magic system here. First, there is a symmetry to it that is very pleasing to me, but it can also become so complex that it’s beautiful. It’s not like anything I’ve read before and I really did appreciate how he brought the magic to life. That said, there is also this unknown element to the magic that we start discovering along with Vin which I find to be very exciting.

All in all, Mistborn was an amazing book and the only thing I regret is waiting so damn long to read it. 5/5 stars.

The Mistborn Trilogy:
1. Mistborn
2. The Well of Ascension
3. The Hero of Ages
Era Two: 100 Years Later
4. The Alloy of Law
5. Shadows of Self
6. The Bands of Mourning
7. The Lost Metal

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