March 2023: Month in Review

Blink…. It’s a new month, how wild! March was quite a month. I am officially a one job lady which is weird. It’s the first time in over seven years that I’m working one job. That said, I got thrown into a huge project at work and all the time I was working at my part time job I’ve been working at my full time job since quitting. So free time and I still haven’t gotten all that acquainted.

April has potential though! I’m headed on vacation next Sunday for ten days in Mexico for my cousins wedding. Since I am NOT made to spend that kind of time sitting around at the beach, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to distract myself with BOOKS. When I get home though I need to start setting some boundaries between work and my personal time because I have had zero of that for the last six or so weeks and it’s starting to wear on me… but, let’s get to the wrap up.

This month I read:

Mr. Darcy’s Perfect Storm by Caitlin Marie Carrington
A second book who’s title I don’t even know…..

This is where it gets sad. I thought I was going to read the shit out of Engines of Empire but unfortunately that did not happen. I thought I was going to finish the third Mistborn book and that didn’t happen. I did read an ebook from an omnibus of Pride & Prejudice that I never even got the title of and haven’t even taken the time to go back and get it as you saw from the above. Maybe I should do that so I can fill in the massive blank spot in my notebook.

This month I hauled:

Lots actually. My mother talked me into an impromptu bookstore visit, and she bought me a couple of gifts when she went away for a weekend. Also, I bought myself a congratulatory book present that I am SO pumped for. Let’s get into it.

Contemporary German Fiction edited by A. Leslie Willson
What a Library Means to a Woman: Edith Wharton and the Will to Collect Books by Sheila Liming

These are a couple of books that my mom picked up for me as a gift. Here’s a tidbit of knowledge. I’ve never read an Edith Wharton book and I had no idea that her personal library was so vast and well known. I also had no idea that her home was just over an hour away from me and I really can’t wait to go see it when her estate reopens for visitors in May, even though I still barely know anything about her.

The Verso Book of Dissent edited by Andrew Hsiao and Audrea Lim
The Eighth Girl by Maxine Mei-Fung Chung
Himalaya: A Human History by Ed Douglas
Engines of Chaos by R.S. Ford
The Tangled Tree by David Quammen
Binti: The Complete Trilogy by Nnedi Okorafor
The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty

This stack is the result of the impromptu bookstore trip and I have quite a mix here. Engines of Chaos is the only thing I was looking for. The rest of these caught by eye while browsing and since I have no control…. I own them now. The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi though, there is no chance that wasn’t coming home with me when I saw the recommendation card from staff… This is all I know about the book but I do anticipate reading it.

Last but not least the very exciting purchase I made as a congratulations for quitting my second job….

Oh yes I did. Have I read these yet? Nope. I did break my rule and watch the first two seasons of the show though. These editions are gorgeous and I’ve had my eye on them and just hadn’t broken down. Until now. They are so colorful and the illustrated editions of The Last Witch and Sword of Destiny are stunningly beautiful. Also, they look so pretty on my shelf. I am that emoji with the heart eyes every time I look at them.

…. And no, we are not going to discuss the fact that I already own copies of some of the books, thank you.


I don’t have much here. I haven’t watched anything new. I haven’t finished my rewatch/finish of the Terminator movies. I did buy yarn for the first time in years this week. I’m desperate to get back in touch with my hands and spend some time away from computers and my phone, so I’m really looking forward to spending time knitting again now that I’m not working two jobs.

Other than that… We’ll see how it goes.

How was your March? Read anything good?

Until next time, Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “March 2023: Month in Review

  1. Cyberkitten April 3, 2023 / 4:41 am

    I like the look of ‘What a Library Means to a Woman’. I mean, what’s not to like about books ABOUT books and authors? Looking forward to your review of her library! I know *of* her but nothing *about* her. I do have a few of her books but haven’t read any of them.

    I keep meaning to get into The Witcher series of books. Only seen clips of the series and it certainly looks good. One day, maybe.

    Congratulations about having ONLY one job! I’ve never worked more than one so can’t really appreciate needing or wanting to have multiples. I was even reluctant to do overtime unless the company was desperate…. I told one boss that I valued my free time highly and he simply couldn’t afford my rates.

    Do you have knitting plans? Super long Dr Who scarf?

    • Hannah April 3, 2023 / 7:10 pm

      I’m in the same boat, I learned more than I ever knew about Edith Wharton from the synopsis of that one book. There seems to be an emphasis on book collecting which is just right up my alley! I’m bringing it on vacation next week because I am curious, lol.

      Thanks! It’s weird that’s for sure. I’ve never been so idle and I’m not even idle yet, lol. I’ve always been in school and working at the same time, or working two jobs, or working two jobs and in school, lol. I hope to spend some time enjoying my free time if that even makes sense?

      I do have a pattern for a Dr Who scarf actually! And a huge Tardis blanket for that matter, but I’m planning to start with an easier project before jumping into something that involved! I’ve got an old scarf project that I never finished and I’ve got a big ol’ cozy blanket that I want to make so those will be up first I think.

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