April 2023: Month in Review

So, it’s May (or close enough to it as I’m starting this) and I’m honestly not quite sure if April happened. Obviously it did, but the sentiment stands. This was quite the month! I had a busy early month leading up to the wedding in Mexico trip, then of course the Mexico trip, and we’ve been back a little over a week and it’s just been catch up, catch up, catch up. I’m still not caught up, lol. I told myself that I was going to work on my work/life balance as well as just my plain old life balance when I got back from Mexico, and so far I think I’m doing alright. I think… Anyways lets talk about April.

This Month I Read:

This was a MUCH better reading month than March was. I’m so relieved. I don’t even care that it was mostly Pride & Prejudice variations again. I’m just happy I managed to get some reading in. I can also officially add in thanks to Dewey’s for a couple of extra titles on this list.

Foiled Elopement by Renata McMann & Summer Hanford
The Benefits of Extensive Reading by Lori Lilian
An Accidental Scandal by Melanie Rachel
Darcy’s Wedding Surprise by Andrea David
Darcy’s Affair in Brighton by Andrea David
Snowed in with Darcy by Andrea David
An Agreeable Compromise by Jann Rowland – this is one of the wildest variations I’ve ever read for those into these
Engines of Empire (The Age of Uprising #1) by R.S. Ford – 5/5 Stars, this was so good!
Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell
Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon (Jane Austen’s Dragons #1) by Maria Grace – it’s a series! I didn’t know that when I bought this, but I’m so excited!

This Month I Hauled:

I am terrible. I went a little crazy this month. The thing is, there is a book I wanted, but I couldn’t find a physical edition in the US, so I did what any sane person would do. I bought it from Waterstones (RIP The Book Depository 😦 ) and bought a few other things to make the shipping worth it. But waiting for books to come from overseas does NOT equal instant book gratification which means I had to go to the bookstore. So this happened.

Address Unknown by Kathrine Kressman Taylor – This was a random grab for me, but is apparently a classic from 1938 that called out the dangerous impact that Nazism would have on the world.
Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton
Ghosts by Edith Wharton – I haven’t even read the book my mom got me last month about personal libraries and collecting books and Edith Wharton, but apparently it’s time for me to start buying her books anyways!
Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly
Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes
Pandora by Susan Stokes-Chapman
One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig
Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer
The Daughters of Izdihar by Hadeer Elsbai – I didn’t even read the whole synopsis of this book, I just saw the inspired by Egypt at the beginning and put it right into my buy pile.

But then, this Barnes & Noble didn’t have one of the books I really wanted… so I had to go to another one that DID have it and this happened.

Animal Farm by George Orwell – I’ve been wanting to reread this and now I have a copy of my own.
The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain
The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood – I mean… a 70-something year old lady who likes whiskey and skinny dipping in the Thames (which, maybe 1000 years ago, but I don’t know about now) but still, I am intrigued.
The World Gives Way by Marissa Levien – I am PUMPED to read this, I’ve heard some glowing reviews recently
Furyborn by Claire Legrand
Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson – This is one of many gorgeous editions of this book available right now and I had to have it.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – This is a gorgeous hardback edition that has a bunch of extras tucked into it like a map of London as it was during this time and some gorgeous illustrations etc. I could not resist.

And then I opened Amazon to look for something and they had a buy get get one 50% deal on books… you get the point. I mean who needs self-control when it’s books, right?

The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan
Circe by Madeline Miller
Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston – I never read this one when it was really popular a few years ago, but my curiosity got the best of me this week.
Saga Vol 8, 9, and 10 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples – I can finally get caught up on this series!


Not much going on here. I haven’t really been watching anything, but I have been trying to get caught up with the book blogosphere and booktube. Other than that, not to repeat myself too much, but I’m working on work/life balance, whatever that means! I hope to find out more over the next month!

How was your April? Any good, reads, buys, watches, trips, etc? Do share!

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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