Top Ten Tuesday: The First 10 Books I Randomly Grabbed Off My Shelf

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday and I’m happy to report I survived this one! Honestly, my shelves are in need of some ‘light’ trimming and organizing as I have not yet gotten to the library part of my spring cleaning and I was a little worried I’d end up in an avalanche of books (not that that would be the worst way to go), but I made it through!

Below are the first ten books I pulled from my shelf:

1. After the Storm by Maya Banks: I have read this and I was a bit of a Maya Banks fangirl a few years back and I definitely had fun reading it at the time.
2. The Briar King by Greg Keyes: I have not read this one.
3. The Redbreast by Jo Nesbø: I haven’t read this yet, I’m only on the second book in the series so far.
4. The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt: I have not read this.
5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Honestly, I buy a copy of this in every country I visit and I own like 15 copies of this book if not more so it’s not overly surprising that I grabbed it. This is one of my favorite books of all time and for anyone who’s interested, this copy actually came from Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht, Netherlands.
6. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt: I haven’t read this and actually forgot I had it as it’s in the back row on a double stacked shelf. Oops.
7. Rainy Days by Lory Lilian: I have read this, it’s actually a Pride and Prejudice variation and it was fun enough for me.
8. The Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas: I have not read this one
9. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace: I have not read this, this is one of the more intimidating books I currently own if I’m honest. Also, do you see the size of this thing, how could I not have grabbed it first?
10. The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds: This is actually one of the first Sci-fi books I ever bought… still haven’t read it. Typical Hannah.

So thats three read and seven I haven’t read yet.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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