Friday’s New Routine

Aloha! Though I am not in Hawaii, I was recently watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, and indulgence I have had for some time and cannot give up, hence the welcome. To get in the sprit of book blogging I have decided to do a ‘What’s been going on in my reading world’ post on Friday’s.

Why the weekly post? Why Friday?

As far as the weekly post, why not? And I chose Friday, because that is my universal day off, no matter the time of year, I don’t work or take classes on Friday (usually I should say). Therefore, I cannot make excuses; instead I can fall into a pattern of writing about what books I’ve read, been reading, and are looking forward to. And so, without any further delay, what have I been up to

I am actually reading three books at the moment. First is Fate and Consequences, which I will no doubt finish tonight. Also on the currently reading list is Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and Marilyn Yalom’s A History of the Wife.

As far as reviews go, I have some coming from a few of the P and P sequels/variations I have read recently, including Expectations by Samantha Adkins which I just finished the other day. I would also like to write some reviews for books I have read before I started Among Stories, especially the one’s on my list of favorites, some of which I read once a year.

In addition I would like to share that my to be read list is growing constantly, and though I regularly add to my lists on book sites such as weRead and Goodreads, I do not as yet have a complete list of books I want to get my hands on to post here. Someday, I will indeed get around to it, I am sure.

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