Getting All Caught Up

I’ve been taking part in some different weekly response type things – or meme’s as everyone else calls them. Since I’ve been away for a few days I figured I’d take a few minutes to go back and say a few things since they were good.

First, Musing Monday from August 16th: This week we’re asked what books we’re wishing for most right now.

Two books that I have pre-ordered are Abigail Reynolds latest P&P variation Mr. Darcy’s Obsession (released Oct.1) and Richelle Mead’s Last Sacrifice, the last installment of the Vampire Academy series (released Dec. 7). I also have a couple books coming in the mail in the next few days, Montana Destiny the second R.C. Ryan book and The MacKade Brothers: Jared & Rafe which is technically the first half of Nora Roberts MacKade Bros books, I went out of order again.

I could go on and on with other books that I’m looking forward to, books I have, ones I don’t, and others that are not out yet, but thats good for now.

Also over at The Broke & the Bookish, this weeks topic was Top Ten Favorite Book Blogs. I definitely want to list mine even though thats all I have time to do.

1. Ardent Reader – This blog was actually my introduction to the book blogging world.
2. Bookie Mee
3. English Major’s Junk Food
4. BooksPlease
5. The Literary Omnivore
6. It’s All About Books
7. 1330v
8. Stage and Canvas
9. Books Like Breathing
10. B o o k L u s t

I still consider myself very new to this community, and there are many more blogs out there that I read regularly, I wish I could list them all.

Weekly Geeks: This weeks weekly geek was to revisit an old or favorite post on the site. I randomly clicked a month and found myself on the Literary Tattoos post from March of 2010.

I like this post especially because the second tattoo that I got is actually a scene from one of my favorite books. I chose the scene because it stuck with me probably more than any other part of the book (The Perks of Being a Wallflower). I had to have the actual tattoo tweaked a bit to look decent, so even though the backdrop isn’t exactly whats in the book, I still know what it is and can tell people about it if they ask.

I do plan on getting more tattoos, some related to books, some not. Maybe I’ll share those in the future.

The last part is what do I think the author thinks of this. Well if I were an author who wrote something that inspired someone to get a tattoo, something that is with them for their lives, I’d be hyped (and also humbled)! So I assume that actual authors who get to see these tattoo’s must feel pretty honored.

My awful attempt at sharing a picture of my tattoo

Now that you’ve suffered through bad cell phone pictures, lists, and mini-rants (maybe?), what are you thinking for books you want, tattoo’s you’d like, or good blogs to read?

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