Pfft, Who Needs Sleep?

So, I was browsing the blog of author Jill Shalvis a few minutes ago getting all caught up with some of my authors when one of her posts got me thinking. It was about getting enough sleep or not, do thoughts wake you up? Snoring (or other disrupting action) of a bed partner if you have one?

Needless to say, I started going through my sleeping patterns.

That’s when I realized how bad they were. And non-existent.

I don’t sleep a lot. I don’t think I’ve gone to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning, with the exception of when I was sick, for months. I’m a night person, I love staying up all night. I like reading all night. It’s essentially the only me time I get aside from when I’m alone in the car driving. And even so, it’s really more time for me to read while I adore my dog. She’s hot shit and she knows it. And yet I love her to pieces anyway.

Back to the whole sleep thing. Basically i’m up late, and I wake up, or try to, early-ish. I don’t sleep more than 5 hours on a regular night. The only day I sleep in is Friday, because I don’t have work or school. Usually. So what do I do that I’m always awake?

It’s scary to think about, but mostly I read. Sometimes I’m up late doing school work. This past week for instance. Monday and Tuesday night I passed out on the couch after being up doing homework all night. I slept for a few hours on the couch, got up, then did my thing. Thursday I pulled an all-nighter. Go figure, what college kids doesn’t do that every now and again right? So for three days I didn’t sleep in my bed. =[ I didn’t realize how sad that was until my head hit the pillow Thursday night.

My other problem with sleeping? Well, eveytime I’m ready for sleep my brain goes into active mode. My eyes will be burning, I won’t have the energy to move if I’m not comfy, but I won’t go to sleep because my brain is making lists of things to do, remembering if I checked the locks before going upstairs, thinking about the book(s) I’ve been reading, thinking about tests and homework, and this is the best part writing papers. That’s right, during school when I have huge semester long research papers, I write them in my head. Any idea what its like to be writing parts of a research proposal in your head about the most effective methods of treatment for veteran amputees suffering from PTSD making sure the method your developing is plausible and fitting the true experimental method requirements when all you want to do is get some shut eye? Yeah, that’s me for you, overworked, overactive brain.

I was thinking earlier about how I’m shocked my brain even processes with the sheer amount of information and thought I process daily. Random alert. Another thing I’ve noticed recently, how much I love the word sheer. And daunting.

Anywho, the whole reason I went off on my sleep pattern rant, I had no idea I had so much to say on the topic is this, as I’m reading her post about not getting enough sleep, I’m laughing at myself because once again I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to finish a book. I will gladly give up sleep to read. I had another book opened to start before I even realized what I was doing. So now, I’ve finished two books this evening, and I have a new one ready to start and its after 3 in the morning and my alarm is going off at 6 since I have to be to work by 7:30.

I’m so easily led astray from sleep. But at least the books I read are good. I finished The Darkest Pleasure (book 3 in the Lords of the Underworld series) by Gena Showalter, and Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl. Now I’ve got Wanted! (the first Sons of Chance book) by Vicki Lewis Thompson ready to go. LOL at me. For serious. I am.

Any bad sleeping habits, or lack therof you’d like to share?

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