Weekly Geeks: Guilty Pleasures

This seems to be a big weeks for books that are considered guilty pleasures… Example being this weeks Booking Through Thursday.

Recently NPR aired a Guilty Pleasures episode where writers talked about the books they loved but were embarrassed to be seen reading. It got me thinking about all those books I love but don’t necessarily want other people to know I love them. Given that the holiday season is filled with eating the foods we love (but shouldn’t eat), parties that last far into the evenings (way past our bedtimes), sipping those holiday drinks (fat with calories but oh so delicious), and curling up in front of our fireplaces with books that take us away from the holiday stresses…I thought it might be fun to share our guilty pleasures with other readers. So, for this week’s Weekly Geek post share:

  • The Books that you Love but are Embarrassed to be Seen Reading
  • Tell us WHY you love them
  • And (just for fun) tell us your favorite guilty snack that goes perfectly with all that guilty reading

The difference between the two discussions though, seems to be that Weekly Geeks is focused on those books that you are embarrassed to be seen reading.

I have said time and again here and in discussions with others both in person and in the ‘bloggosphere’ that I’m not embarrassed to be seen reading a book, ever. I’ve sat at the garage waiting for the oil change in my car to be finished with romance novels and I’ve spent downtime in public reading a book (that I FINALLY finished last night) called Sex at Dawn, people seemed to have trouble giving me funny looks about that one… I’m guessing its got something to do with the fact that people see anything to do with sex and brains instantly hit the gutters. Thoughts of, “OMG, what is that person reading!” fly through brains and people make judgements. Whatever. I’ll read what I want when I want.

In the Booking Through Thursday post I mentioned certain guilty pleasure reading such as Twilight Saga and the Gossip Girl books. Just because I consider them guilty pleasures does not mean I’m going to hide away while I read these books so that no one can judge me when they see a Stephenie Meyer novel at my nose. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not reading books for anyone but myself, so I’ll damn well read what I want… yes?

As for the other part… my favorite snacks. That’s easy, salt and vinegar or sour cream and onion chips, or dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses with a blue raspberry Slurpee to drink.

So do you hide those guilty pleasure books or flaunt them? And what do you consider good snack food for reading?

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