Booking Through Thursday – Life-Changing Books

This weeks Booking Through Thursday asks:

Which Book Changed Your Life?

Night of the Living Trekkies changed my life…

Not really, but in all seriousness there are books that have had an effect on me when I read them. Every book on my list of favorites has triggered something in me. Some of those books are the following.

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress: Rhoda Janzen’s memoir of going back home to her family after a mid-life crisis taught me to look for the good in all things. You can’t changed what’s happened to you or what people around you do so take it in stride and learn to laugh it off. Why should we stop enjoying life just because something crappy happened to us? We shouldn’t. This is something that I’m learning to use in my life right now, especially after the really crappy semester I just had. Guess I couldn’t have picked a better time than this year to read this book.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: This book has been one of my favorites ever since I read it back in high school. The book is fantastic and really makes you see that everything on the surface isn’t always reflective of whats going on inside of someone.

Pride and Prejudice: Not only this this one of my favorite books EVER and one of the most well known love stories of all times, but it also shows why it doesn’t pay to let first impressions influence your judgment about a person – which happens to be a timeless issue and one that people face everyday.

The Abstinence Teacher: When I read this book I could not put it down. It was fantastic. The book itself is another favorite and the main character, Ruth, quickly became one of my favorite leading ladies in literature. I love how she perseveres through having a huge part of her life dictated by other peoples religious beliefs, but still ends up coming out on top. She is a show of strength and character.

Those are some of the books have changed the way I look at what is happening around me. What are yours?

One thought on “Booking Through Thursday – Life-Changing Books

  1. dragonflyy419 December 23, 2010 / 9:06 pm

    The Abstinence Teacher sounds interesting.

    Every book I’ve read seems to have elicited some life changing even for me, just by shaping how I look at the world. I couldn’t pick a favorite book, so I couldn’t pick a life changing book.

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