Up, Down, and All-Around – Really Just a Rant

Before I even get going on my bookish nonsense here, the title, you know it’s funny. I randomly thought of this movie I had to watch growing up, you know those don’t do drugs kids here’s a movie to inform you more movies. One that was forced on me about one hundred and fifty times was Uppers, Downers, All-Arounders. That’s my life right now. Minus the drug use. I don’t do those. Mmmmkay.

And anyone who catches that reference, I’ll find someway to give you the best virtual bear hug ever, because you’ll have made my day.

Anywho, moving on to my life rant then to the good stuff.

So my life is chaotic as all hell. I am immersed in what I am refering to as the worst semester of all-time. For serious. Everything that could go wrong, with the exception of two things I’m not going to mention because I don’t want to jinx myself, has gone wrong. I’ve been sick on and off all semester. Currently I’ve got a cold that could tumble the Eiffel tower, thanks to baby brother. I’ve been forgetting things like tests and my flash drive, on important days. Like when I have papers and presentations due. And its not like I can just swing home between work and school to grab it. I live forty miles from work and 50 from school. The two are 35 from each other. Awesome, right? I’m broke, sick, and exhausted. No lie, I’ve been sleeping on the couch a couple nights a week, and pulling all-nighters once a week also. My mom actually threatened to throw my bed away because I’m not using it enough. That’s saying something. In addition, I found out I was taught some of my responsibilities at work incorrectly. Might not sound like a big deal, but when faced with the fact that is state reported stuff that I was taught to fuck up on. Awesome. That plus six classes plus work, plus picking up a second job. Yeah. DUDE.

Anyway, now that I’ve ranted. Book stuff.

So, while I’ve been busy as hell with life, I’ve still been reading. Really I’ve been forfeiting sleep to read. While that might not be the most intelligent thing I’ve ever done, it is what it is. Reading is keeping me sane. I get to focus on something other than the major stressors of life. Love it. I’ve been reading all these romance novels I’ve acquired over the past few months since that first Nora Roberts where I fell in love with the genre. Most of them are simple read in a night books. So I’ve read lots of romance novels since school has started, I just haven’t reviewed all the ones I would like to. By no means do I sit here thinking, “Oh, I’ll review every book I read.” Much as I’d like to its unrealistic. Feel free to fire me an email asking or discussing a book, but don’t expect a review for every single one. The reason I mention this. I made a list of all the books and series I really wanna review. I’m at about 40. These are books I’ve read, but I’ve got nothing started review wise. Another fact of life. I put a lot more effort into reading than reviewing. Don’t hate. Please. =]

Here’s what I’m thinking to resolve my review problem. Take my day off, or what is usually my day off when I don’t go into work for extra hours and just sit for a couple hours pounding out some reviews. A few days of that and I’m sure I’ll be all set. I hope.

Here’s to hoping the semester looks up and to reading and reviewing!

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